A Fresh Approach to Vacuum Microwave Food Drying Technology

On-Site Food Drying.

The unique value of the software-driven NuGenesis(TM) is that it is mobile, scalable, and customizable. NuWave knows that one solution does not fit all so NuGenesis is designed to fit the customer.

Although farming is a year-round occupation, a harvest is occurs only once or twice a year. Capital expenses for equipment that is only required during harvest often factor into the decision to innovate. NuWave’s solution is mobile and modular, so agricultural partners commit to a sale of the solution for harvest time. The machinery is brought to the site during harvest and then removed at the end.

NuWave knows that farmers can’t always process the "imperfect" food they produce, resulting in lost revenue and food waste. This is because processes like freeze-drying are expensive and time-consuming, usually requiring food to be transported, which in turn results in quality loss. NuWave now brings high technology to the farmer by offering an on-site, modular and scalable solution.

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Regional Farmers and Primary Producers
Regional Farmers and Primary Producers
Regional Farmers and Primary Producers