A Fresh Approach to Vacuum Microwave Food Drying Technology

Hops Drying with NuWave NuGenesis(TM) Technology

Using NuWave's NuGenesis(TM) to dry your Hops harvest & stock ensures the quality of dried product. Our Vacuum Microwave Drying solution can continuously dry large quantities in a short amount of time, and without requiring much production space. Dehydrated Hops are commonly used by breweries and brewers for beer, and for their medicinal purposes (anti-inflamatory, and to help with sleep).

How it Works

Fresh hops are about 80 percent water. Our NuWave NuGenesis(TM) method can reduce the water content to about 9%, which is safely above the volatile stage with maximum nutrient and oil retention.

By lowering the pressure (creating a vacuum) and allowing the water in the Hops product to “boil” (water becomes vapour) at low temperatures (room temperature). Our technology applies low thermal energy in a strictly controlled manner to generate water vapour without heating the plants nutrients or other valuable attributes.

By heating the water rather than the plants' nutrients and attributes, we can provide a superior output, including improved flavor and texture, while preserving the plants' attributes. This also allows for maximum Hops Oil extraction yields.

One of our advantages is that we control the energy into tightly defined regions. Rather than standing hot spots, NuWave controls the traveling waves of energy allowing them to be applied evenly. This allows the energy levels to be matched to the Hops plants' ability to dry. Therefore, in a continuous processing vacuum microwave dehydrator, the energy levels can be controlled throughout the drying process and prevent the Hops plant from overheating.

Advantages of using NuWave for drying Hops

Our machines are closed systems, which not only controls the drying process, but also the output which reduces the amount of waste product allowing for further revenue sources from within the extracted moisture. As well, our machines are clean, stainless steel systems which limit bacterial growth and/or cross-contamination.

A Unique Vacuum Drying Solution

(Photos showing hops from plant, to cut, to dry)

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