A Fresh Approach to Vacuum Microwave Food Drying Technology

NuWave's NuGenesis(TM)- Preserving the nutritive value of food.

Lowering the pressure (creating a vacuum) allows the water in food to “boil” (water becomes vapor) at low temperatures (room temperature). NuWave applies microwave energy in a strictly controlled manner to generate water vapor without heating the nutrients.

By heating the water rather than the nutrients, NuWave can provide superior flavor and texture, while preserving the nutritive value of food at harvest (the beginning - Genesis) --- the NuGenesis (TM)process.

It’s all about control.

Vacuum Microwave Drying Before and After

Traditionally microwaves are launched into a chamber where they bounce around creating a pattern of hot and cold spots (high energy and low energy). Microwave ovens move the food around on a plate to even out the hot and cold spots.

One of our advantages is that we control the energy into tightly defined regions. Rather than standing hot spots, NuWave controls the traveling waves of energy allowing them to be applied evenly. This allows the energy levels to be matched to the foods ability to dry. Therefore, in a continuous processing vacuum microwave dehydrator, the energy levels can be controlled throughout the drying process and prevent the food from overheating.

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