A Fresh Approach to Vacuum Microwave Food Drying Technology

 Posted on March 21, 2013

Two Burnaby businesses received a share of $9 million from the federal government for developing clean technology projects in the province.

NuWave Research Inc. and Diacarbon Energy Inc.'s projects in Burnaby were among 23 across the country to get the investment through the Sustainable Development Technology Canada's technology fund.

"This fund is helping realize the commercialization of clean technology in many sectors of the economy, including agriculture, transportation, mining and energy," according to a media release.

NuWave developed a commercial crop-drying technology, NuGenesis, which garnered $2 million from the federal fund. It is a method for on-site commercial freeze-drying of produce.

"NuGenesis technology is clean technology that reduces food wastage and reduces emissions, while providing an opportunity for farmers to increase their sales," Greg Stromotich, NuWave's CEO, said in a media release. "Energy use will be reduced by 80 per cent compared to current freeze-drying technology, while costs to transport the food to the drying facility will be virtually eliminated."

NuWave is part of a consortium with Lally Farms Ltd., Canadian Farms Produce Inc., and A.H. Prahst and Associates for this project, according to the release.

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