A Fresh Approach to Vacuum Microwave Food Drying Technology


NuWave Research is a team of experienced engineers, chemists, and technicians with special skills capable of addressing all aspects of services provided to our clients. You can rest assured you are in good hands at every stage of the partnership.

We go that extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, from the initial design and configuration process to the on-site remote monitoring and support our goal has always been to deliver maximum return on your investment.

If you would like more information about our Vacuum Microwave Drying Technology (cVMD) please contact us.


  • Greg Stromotich Chief Executive Officer, Director and Founder
    Greg Stromotich
    Greg Stromotich
    Chief Executive Officer, Director and Founder

    Greg is serial entrepreneur with experience in management, manufacturing, automation, sales, construction as well as research and development. Greg is a creative and critical thinker with a passion for complex problem solving. This has led him to a career of leading multidisciplinary teams that generate disruptive solutions for industry. Greg has co-authored academically reviewed publications in Genetics and holds multiple patents. Greg received a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of British Columbia.

  • Paul E. Burgener P. Eng Chief Technical Officer
    Paul E. Burgener P. Eng
    Paul E. Burgener P. Eng
    Chief Technical Officer

    Paul Burgener graduated from Windsor University in 1968 as a Materials Engineer. His initial job was managing a small chemical instrumentation company, which was developing a rapid digital measurement analyzer for carbon in steel. Paul went on and started his first business, Quanta Systems to develop geophysical remote sensing technology, closed circuit television readers for the partially sighted and x-ray fluorescent solutions for mining.He sold the company in 1975.

    Paul joined Barringer Research as the commercial product manager, developing magnetometers, heavy water monitors for CANDU reactors, and geophysical sensors. Paul then became a consultant for CIDA in Kenya where he was the Chief Chemist of the Department of Mines and Geology.

    He returned to Canada and joined Technical Services Laboratories. With three other employees, he bought the company a few years later and grew it from 30 employees in 1981 to 120 when it was sold in 1990.He provided consulting services to a mine in Ivory Coast, West Africa through to the first gold production and after that started another business Questron Canada, which developed products based on commercializing university technology in the use of microwaves to accelerate chemical reactions. A spin off of this produced a new product using microwaves for pasteurizing citrus juice.

    Questron was sold and Paul joined XRAL Laboratories a mineral analysis laboratory in 1996 as operations manager. Over the next three years, the company achieved ISO certification, doubled its revenues and net profits, and won a US Geological Survey contract that has continued up to the present. Paul’s previous work has resulted in 8 other spin-off companies.

    In 2000 Paul joined the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and looked after Waterloo until 2006.He then took a special assignment to fill-in for an IRAP person looking after the Kootenay region of BC.Completing that assignment, he went to IRAP Calgary Alberta in 2009.

    Paul became a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) through the Southern Interior Chapter of BC in 2009.He is a member of the Kootenay Association of Science and Technology board of directors and past Chair of the CANMET Canadian Certified Reference Materials Program advisory board, and on the advisory board for the Kootenay Manufacturing and Technology Sector (MATS) program in the Kootenay.

    Paul has retired from IRAP in Calgary in August 2012.During his time with IRAP he had worked with over 400 companies, universities and colleges and technology accelerator/incubator centers. Paul has returned to live in Nelson BC where he provides business and technical consulting.

  • Vadim Gnidenko Senior Hardware Development Engineer
    Vadim Gnidenko
    Vadim Gnidenko
    Senior Hardware Development Engineer

    Electrical engineer with many years of broad experience in electronics design and development. Analytical thinker with extensive multidisciplinary knowledge, systematic approach, and passion for challenging projects.

    Vadim graduated (with honors) from Voronezh Polytechnic Institute in Russia in 1985 as an Electronics Engineer. He worked then in both research and production environments, on multiple projects, in engineering and management roles. In 2005 he decided to broaden his experience by working on an international company and moved to Samsung Electronics in South Korea. In 2011 he relocated to Canada.

  • Robert W. Suggitt P. Eng. Senior Mechanical Engineer
    Robert W. Suggitt P. Eng.
    Robert W. Suggitt P. Eng.
    Senior Mechanical Engineer

    Bob studied at Red River Community College (Mechanical Engineering Technology) and at University of British Columbia (Mechanical Engineering). Following graduation project work in the field of Decubitus Ulcers for G. F. Strong Hospital led to the development of a programmable turning bed for immobile patients. The product is currently for sale by ProBed Medical Technologies of Abbotsford B.C. (Patents held)

    The development and manufacture of class 3 medical devices (autologous tissue replacement heart valves) led to several relocations. Three and a half years in southern California with Autogenics Inc. followed by two years in Europe with the same company. (Patents held)

    Consulting engineering became the next focus with many product development cycles resulting in successful industrial and consumer products. A major technical achievement was a passive pressure sensor and signaling device for electrical pole top transformers. The device is manufactured and distributed to power utility companies by Internal Fault Detector Corporation of Vancouver B.C. (Patents held)

    Taking a bigger role in manufacturing engineering there was 4-year project to update a producer of carbon fibre archery products in Mexico. During the final phase of the project the manufacturing plant was the largest manufacturer of carbon fiber arrows in the world by volume.

    A new material was developed utilizing recycled plastics to make building products. This resulted in the construction of a pilot production facility for roofing shingles in Burnaby B.C. Full commercial operations are due to start in 2018. (Patents held)

    Development work with NuWave Research Inc. began with the design of the vacuum chamber systems and has proceeded through to the current commercialization cycle.

  • Joseph Lee E.I.T. Mechanical Engineer
    Joseph Lee E.I.T.
    Joseph Lee E.I.T.
    Mechanical Engineer
  • James Topham FCPA Advisor
    James Topham FCPA
    James Topham FCPA

    James was an audit partner leading KPMG's Technology Group in the Vancouver office for 20 years where he worked with many fast growing public companies and involved in many M&A and IPO transactions in Canada, the US and Europe.

    James founded Social Venture Partners Vancouver in 2001 with a mission to strengthen the organizational capacity of innovative non-profits serving children in-need and youth at-risk. It has funded several million dollars and provided thousands of hours of executive time mentoring these local non-profits.

    Since retiring at KPMG 9 years ago, James has worked on several Boards of both public and private technology companies. The most recent Board that James served on for 6 years was Norsat International a public telecom company that sold for over 100% more than it had been trading prior to the initial takeover bid. James received a lifetime achievement award from the BC Technology Industry Association and was awarded the designation of Fellow Chartered Public Accountant (FCPA) from the Chartered Public Accountants of BC for his career achievements in the profession and community. He was a founder and Board member for 9 years of the BC Technology Industry Association that represents the technology industry in BC. James is a CPA and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan graduating as the most distinguished graduate in the College of Commerce.