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The perfect Industrial Microwave Solution

Markets We Serve

Microwave technology can be utilized in many different applications within various industries. NuWave Research focuses on providing customized solutions to customers looking to either implement vacuum microwave dehydration processes or adding a microwave-assisted processes
to improve upon their current business model. Our customers want the assurance of effective technology ensuring the execution of their desired outcomes.

Farmers & Primary Crop Producers

Farmers cannot always utilize the “imperfect” food and crops they produce, resulting in lost revenue and food waste. Processes like freeze-drying are costly and time-consuming, usually requiring product to be transported and in turn resulting in quality loss. NuWave brings our high-tech solutions to the farmer by offering on-site, modular, flexible, and scalable solutions to maximize efficiency and productivity.


  • Maximize crops that cannot be sold by retaining their quality
  • Maximize revenue by reducing food waste
  • Become more sustainable

    Food Product Manufacturers

    Food product manufacturers want the assurance of better, safer food products that retain high nutritional value and quality. Our Vacuum Microwave Technology helps food manufacturers trust the quality of their ingredients. The quest for clean, pure ingredients at an economic price often limits innovation in the food industry. Applying our technology will reduce the costs of processing, transportation, storage, and traceability. NuWave has partnered with dairy, fruit, vegetable and hops processors.


    • Vacuum microwave dried food rehydrates better than other types dried food products
    • Flavours, colors and most importantly nutrients are retained
    • Product textures can be controlled to avoid mushy spongy rehydrated products that are often found in freeze-dried foods
    • Products are shelf stable without the use of chemical preservatives

    Hops Producers

    Using NuWave’s patented technology to dry hops harvests ensures the quality of dried products. Freshly harvested hops are typically 75–80% moisture. They will quickly spoil if they are not dried down to 10% moisture which our technology can easily achieve. Dehydrated hops are commonly used by breweries for beer, and for medicinal purposes like anti-inflammatory, and aiding sleep issues.


    • Improved flavor and texture, while preserving the plants’ attributes
    • The process allows for maximum hops oil extraction yields
    • Can expand operations by allowing customer to dry more while freeing up staff


    R&D and Innovation

    Bring your ideas to NuWave’s Team and we will work with you to find a solution.


    • Develop market ready products with our experienced team
    • Be a leader in agriculture and food innovation
    • Grow your business and maximize profits

    Inorganic Products and Manufacturers

    Our microwave-assisted technology provides customized microwave solutions for companies looking to expand their production. We can help scale early entries into the market as well as optimize existing processes. We help processors and manufacturers create new processes for applications like soils, pharmaceuticals, topicals, food, and much more; the possibilities are endless.


    • Get customized solutions specific to your company
    • Create new product lines
    • Improve your current processes
    • Grow your business and bottom line

    Maximize Revenue

    NuWave can help the farmer create new value from “imperfect” commercial crops. The rapid low dehydration method effectively eliminates the need for refrigerated trucks to transport perishable food products to a central processing facility. By providing a new value-rich approach for processing these foods that might otherwise contribute to landfills and the production of methane gas.