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More Than Dehydration

NuWave’s patented technology goes beyond microwave drying. We provide our customers with customizable solutions for their Microwave-Assisted Processing (MAP) needs, including extraction, biosynthesis, and organic synthesis. Our machines use a Rapid Low Temperature Dehydration (RLTD) process to remove moisture without heating the product, preserving the nutritional integrity and flavour of the product. This provides the fastest dehydration methods currently on the market allowing customers to improve their production time and bottom line.

What we can do for you

Add Value to Your Product


Preserve Products Nutritional Value, Flavours, and Colours


Customizable Product Dryness


Shelf Stable Without the Use of Chemical Preservatives


Minimal Waste During Production


Faster Product Turnover


Lower Production Cost

Eco-friendly structured solutions

Changing perceptions of what grade A food means
Reducing waste while keeping nutritional value of products
What our machines can do

Machine Features

In-House Research and Development Lab

Modular Components for Easy Maintenance

Designed with Scalability in Mind

Optimized for Size and Processing Time

User Friendly Display Interface

Real-time Sensor Feedback

Patented Technology

Environmentally Friendly

On-Site Food Drying

Save Time and Money

Globally, one third of all food that is produced is wasted, with 45% of all fruits and vegetables grown. Generally, this is because the time and cost associated with food transportation. Nuwave’s machines require only 35 – 200 square feet of manufacturing space. This allows farmers to utilize crops that may go to waste and reduces their carbon footprint by drying their products at the source.

Creating value for food processors and manufacturers

Improve Your Process With Microwave Assisted Applications

Providing solutions for microwave assisted processing (MAP) by taking the customer’s business to the next level. The instant heating and control of RF energy is used in many small scale synthesis reactions. NuWave provides industrial scale MAP systems (tons/hour).


Offering Patented Microwave Solutions

Come to us with everything microwaveable. Our team of experts in MAP will provide a plan on implementing the technology to suit your needs. Our technology is scalable for growth, allowing the customer to build their business with confidence.

Clean, Green Microwave Machines

A Green Approach

Microwave assisted synthesis principles have the potential to reduce or eliminate the need for the addition of harmful chemicals used in generating certain desired reactions. Microwaves can assist in designing a sustainable industrial process for these reactions that is not damaging to humans or the environment.

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Minimize waste
  • Reduce use of solvents
  • Create safer operating conditions
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