Demonstration of Continuous Vacuum Microwave Drying on commercial crops

Of the fruits, vegetables and berries grown in Canada, as much as 40% percent of crops are considered second-grade, and are currently sold at a distressed price or sent to a landfill as any attempt to transport them to market is too expensive. One way to use these products would be to freeze-dry them, but the transportation of food to freeze-drying facilitates and high processing costs results in energy costs and possible deterioration of the food. NuWave Research Inc has developed NuGenesis™, a method of on-site commercial continuous Vacuum Microwave Drying (cVMD), based on the principal that water boils a lower temperature in a vacuum.

Thanks to its portability and advanced software, the NuGenesis™ allows for drying to be done at the farm or at other sources of feedstock, such as food processing plants. Energy use will be reduced by 80 percent compared to the incumbent freeze-drying technology, while costs to transport the food to the drying facility will be virtually eliminated