Our Equipment

Our Process

Maximize production

Unique Solution to Food Drying

NuWave Research offers a patented VACUUM MICROWAVE DHYDRATION technology that is fast, controlled and scalable; keeping the integrity of your products intact.


Disruptive Technology


A Game Changer in microwave technology


Rapid, low temperature dehydration


Preserves flavor, color and nutrition


Mobile, scalable onsite processing


Easy to use, software driven with real time support


Low operating and maintenance costs

On-Site Food Drying

Innovation Technology

The technology that NuWave offers was created because there was a real need in the market for faster more effective solutions to minimize food waste and maximize revenue at the same time. Producers know that so much of what they grow and produce ends up being waste and much of their valuable product is unsellable. We believed that this could be fixed with an innovative yet effective solution.

Product to Market Quicker
Harvest more with less. Our technology increases turnaround time so that producers can increase the production amount.

Grow Your Business
We aim to help our customers grow their business which is why our machines scale up to accommodate growth. We simply add more chambers to the existing equipment without needing to build and install a new machine.

Lower Cost
Do more with less staff. Our equipment is easy to use and requires less staff to operate than a traditional air-drying operation

Easy Installation
Our machines are transported in containers that fit through standard double doors and only require 8ft ceilings. Everything is commissioned with Dhydra staff wither remotely or in person.

Real-Time Support
We offer real-time support for customers who require our assistance. We can control the machine remotely to adjust recipes and configurations. We monitor for redundancies and offer recommendations where we see opportunities for improvement.

Innovative Technology
We have the ability to customize the algorithms with intuitive computer control systems combined with thousands of sensor reading every minute, allowing the machine to self-regulate and achieve uniform drying results.

Creating Value for Food Manufacturers

Solutions For Success

Retain the integrity of products by keeping essential nutrients

Prevent mold contamination and retain value of products/harvests

Dry as you produce and free up staff quickly

Dry products, decrease waste, and maximize profits

Automate and digitally control the drying process

Operate 24/7 without disruption. Remote monitoring available


Our Machines

Our technology is fully customizable to fit the needs of the customer. We have an inhouse team of engineers, machinists, and scientists who can create the perfect solution for each customer. We currently have five standard models; all of which are scalable, portable, and modular. Free up your staff, generate more revenue, and grow.